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  Welcome to the me page! So I'm suppose to tell you about me and what amazing things I have done and sadly there's not enough space to do that so I'll say I'm one of a kind.  But on a serious note, I grew up in a family of artists date back to my grandfather in the 1970s. Though he was not a photographer, he was a barber. To me that was an artist because you were creating with tools given a piece of work that would invoke emotions from that viewer. Now you may disagree and that ok, it's all about opinions and views to were good to go. My Father did small jobs in photography but nothing on a big scale. He was a musician with the ability to play any instrument you handed him. My Mother was a hair stylist as well as my sister. So I think you get to idea about my family and arts.

  I started my journey into the world of photography in 2009 and I haven't stopped yet. I enjoy creating memoirs because honestly thats all we have left. I found that by doing photography it would serve as not only as a work of art, but also as a record, a moment in time, a memory that can be relived every time you view that photo. That's why I do what I love to do...Create memories that will last when we're long forgotten.